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May I never be complete.

Deliver me Tyler from being perfect and complete.


more fiction
The Typewriter

elle vous aime
I'm absolutely sane.
I don't voice my opinions.
I only speak sarcasm.
I'm rarely a leader.
I try to avoid social interactions.
The only thing I do is think for myself.
Those are good qualities, no?

Parental Guidance
Mel. January twenty-first. Witty. Clever. Original. Stubborn. Unemotional. Sarcastic. Rebellious. Aloof.

I've learned to never say "good-bye" but to say "hello" instead. Teenage clichés aren't my thing, but, then again, isn't that a teenage cliché in itself? My past times are attempting to draw or write something spectacular. You'll never see me celebrate my merry un-birthday on January twenty-first. I want to be that individual you've always wanted to be. I guess you can say that I'm the outsider you've read about. You know, the smart-ass, cliché basket case of an individual that gives you the fake smile as she walks down the halls?
Yeah, that's me.

Holden Caulfield. Tyler Durden. Sarcasm. Coffee with double the espresso. Ross and Rachel. Chandler and Monica. Joey and Phoebe. Giovanni Ribisi and Gerard Way. Resident Evil and Roman Holiday. Movies in general. Writing. Music. Art. iPods. You. Me. Discovery Channel. And the back seat of your car.

Stupidity. Arrogance. Ignorance. People who are superficial. Her own generation of teenagers. People who are obnoxious. People in general. Those who are like me.

*I can't remember who made this profile layout. Sorry! Message me if you know who.